What I Learned – 06/21/2017

I do random “learning” between work, school and household upkeep. I’m going to periodically write posts about the random things I learn. My wife is open to the idea of a cruise, but a “tropical” one is the only type that makes sense to her. I am more keen on the idea of taking a […]

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Sunday Pew – 06/18/2017

I has become tradition for my family to have pancakes on Sunday before church. It use to be something to look forward to, but not pancakes are part of our morning meal rotation. Part of the reason why pancakes have become for common in our mornings is because The Forks Over Knives Plan has a pretty […]

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Escape – 06/17/2017

Today, I lied. I lied about what time I needed to be at work. My boss said I could come in no later than 3 P.M. but I told my wife I need to be in at noon. Why did I lie? Probably because I wanted some time to do something I wanted to do. […]

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Baby Talk – 06/15/2017

I haven’t written about my unborn (just for clarification) daughter for a bit; so I’ll do that today. Last night, my wife needed some help with our Amazon Baby Registry (Amazon Baby Registry – $100 credit towards diapers and wipes). We are able to stare at our Amazon Fire tablets (Fire Tablets Starting at $49.99) […]

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Work Bench – 06/14/2017

We had an active day on the lot! Finally! One of the highlights was me showing off (again) my overhead display (Westinghouse 40″ LED – 1080p) streaming from the computer (High Performance Dell Inspiron Desktop) via the Fire TV Stick. It impresses every time! Also, the customer came back that I sold the brake flashing modulator […]

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