Wubbie taco storm – 06/30/2017

Honestly, I have no idea what goes through people’s minds. Where I am constantly trying to figure out how to get ahead for my family, others seem to be waiting for something to happen. Tragedy? Salvation? What?

Wubbie – Since my son was born, he has always had one particular “stuffed animal.” It’s not even a stuffed animal. It’s more like a stuffed animal head sewn onto a washcloth-sized blanket (Gund Spunky Dog Baby Blanket). We call him Wubbie. There has been several times that Wubbie has almost been lost. My son was frantic. Almost like witnessing the loss of a really close relative. Now that we have a second child on the way, selecting her “Wubbie” has been a thing. Application – I think we should have two of her “Wubbies.” (Disney Minnie Plush Security Blanket) That would have saved us several time with my son’s. They are not terribly cheap, but it would be a good investment for the peace of mind.

Tacos – I have fallen for the street tacos. Crunchy tacos are still legit, but the street tacos are amazing. I think it because it’s mostly good meat with tons of cilantro and some onions. Very basic, but very tasty. There is a taco place by my work that sells street tacos for $2 each. I think that is really steep. Application  – I think I need to learn how to make street tacos (Vegan Tacos). I bet, once I get it figured out, my wife would start making them. We already do chicken crunchy tacos, but I really like Mexican flavors. Their chilies are flavorful and their herbs are fresh tasting.

Jackson Storm – My family went to Disneyland earlier this year. With Cars 3 coming out, Carsland was a buzz. We hadn’t even seen the movie yet but my son already knew who Jackson Storm (Disney Cars Series 3 JACKSON STORM) was. We went to World of Disney the first night we arrived and my son became obsessed with the Jackson Storm car. I told him to hold off until the end of the trip before he picked a souvenir. We ended up getting Lightning McQueen (Jada Toys Disney Pixar Cars 3) in the gold foil from the Cars 3 movie. Application – My son’s birthday is still about 3 months away, but I know what I can get him. I hope that he is still into Cars at that point. The new Spider-Man movie is coming out soon and he is asking about (Marvel Spiderman Ultimate Pillowtime Pal).



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