Bulky coffee blogger

With increasing heat, I’ve had to change up my beverage regiment. Also, I have chosen to selectively sacrifice entertainment and sleep to devote more time to generating content.

Buying in bulk – If you are like me, you occasionally grab a one of those giant cans of tea at gas stations that cost about a buck. Peace or Arizona. It doesn’t matter. With the increase of daily temps in my region, and the complete lack of adequate air conditioning that is common in my region, I have decide to start having a gallon of water and cold beverages on hand. I am attempting to avoid soda pop because of all of the negative health consequences generally associated with them. I was able to find that some of these teas that are sold as singles in gas stations are available in six or great packs in grocery stores! (Arizona Green TeaApplication – Though I still need to monitor the particular tea for high fructose corn syrup (Peace Tea, Razzleberry), I know that I can have a refreshing beverage on hand for those days when the air conditioning (LG 8,000 BTU Portable Air Conditioner)can’t keep the temp of my fish bowl/office down.

Coffee sacrifice? – I am a huge coffee drinker but it doesn’t do well with the rising temps. I’m not sure about other regions, but my region has seen an increase in iced coffee (Trader Joes Cold Brew Coffee). Get this: When my family took that trip to Cabela’s, they actually have a machine that will serve you ICED coffee. Straight ice and coffee; not sugar or milk. Also, I have seen many iced or cold brew coffees available (Tiny Footprint Organic Cold Press Coffee). Application – I do love my coffee, but I love coffee. Not the sugar and fluff that is often associated with coffee loving crowd. Just straight black coffee. That has caused me to be lost with the cold brew craze. Starbucks has a cold brew that is loaded with sugar (Cold Brew Coffee (Cocoa & Honey)). I have tried their unsweetened cold brew (Starbucks Black Iced Coffee UnSweetened) and it is not bad. I think more research is required to understand what I should be expecting from the cold brew ventures.

Blogging – I have created a new blog. A real blog. I have used many resources to guide me, but Amazon does have many e-books (Join Amazon Kindle Unlimited 30-Day Free Trial) that have helped guide me. I was able to download several e-books on my Fire (HD 8 Tablet with Alexa) tablet (hooray free!) and flip through them right before bed. Application – I am going to keep write on this blog, but I hope that it continues. With work, school, church, honey-dues, father duties and two blogs, I think I deserve to call myself the Over Extended Dad……

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