Swinging, Turning and Closing Deals

Well, I wasn’t anticipating spending money, but you can’t pass a deal like this one up…

Larson door – My wife wanted hooks (ARROW Vinyl Coated Cup Hooks) to put up for the new humming bird feeders (First Nature Hummingbird Feeder). I went down to the local hardware store and found them. I was poking around, just being curious. I wandered down the “door” aisle and came across the exact storm door (LARSON Cranberry Door) that we have been wanting for almost two and a half years. It was on clearance!!! I attempted to see if there was any on the shelf, but there wasn’t. I asked the department person and they said their location was out of stock. Fortunately, she was able to locate the same door, still on clearance, at a location on the other side of town. I picked it up this morning! Application – I probably will not shop at that store again. My mom said they are going to be bought out and I can see why they are not growing. Their staff act like the customers are a nuisance. I called to the other location and was told they didn’t have the door in stock. My step dad calls the store manager and gets a different story.

Larson Quickfit – Larson storm doors do not come with handles. They are sold separately (LARSON QuickFit Handleset). It would have been nice if an associate would have told me that. Fortunately for me, I caught on to this and remembered it from when my wife and I first started looking at these doors. Application – I was able to price compare the handle we wanted between Amazon and Lowe’s. Home Depot does not carry Larson (that I saw in a quick search). They were about the same price. Not bad on Lowe’s part, but there is that whole delivery thing……

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