Cabela’s, colds and heat – 06/27/2017

This is a two-day-er. I learned about Cabela’s in Lacey, WA, children’s colds and really high heat…..

Cabela’s – The Pacific Northwest experienced really high heat totals this last Sunday. To beat the heat, I took my family on a loooooong drive. After stopping for a bite to eat, we went to Cabela’s in Lacey, WA (Cabelas). I chose this place because it was large and not a mall. All I need was my wife begging me for more THINGS. We were mostly disappointed because it seemed that half the store was broken. The token machine for the shooting range (Cabela’s: Big Game Hunter Pro Hunts with Gun) was down, the down escalator was broken and one of the two elevators was offline. The store looked clean, it was just busted. Application – Well, I guess I didn’t miss out on much. The majority of the items were the same price as another large, outdoor retailer that is closer to home. The shooting range would have been fun. By and large, if I do head back to Cabela’s, it will be because they have a particular item on sale.

Colds – My family has been fighting a nasty cold. Mostly heavy nasal congestion. My poor son has been hammered by it. We were at least able to get him to sleep during the long drive. His poor head was dangling all over the place. I got him one of those traveling neck pillows (Cars Travel Neck Pillow). It didn’t help him enough. The under part of his nose was all scrapped up from continually blowing it. Application – My wife and I did many of the right things. We got the kid in steam, we gave him good meds and we didn’t allow him milk or juice; only water. With another child due in September, brushing up on our child-cold knowledge is only going to help. My son was complaining about ear issues when blowing his nose. We were lucky enough to avoid an actual ear infection.

Heat – Again, we had massive heat in the Pacific Northwest. To avoid it, I drove a long distance, ate at a nice restaurant, took a slow walk around a very large store, drove a huge distance to the base of a mountain, ate ice cream and took a very long drive back home. The majority of the time was spent driving. My wife and I saw many part of our region that we haven’t in years. We even drove past the old farm that I spent a summer or two at. Application – When it is hot, driving isn’t a bad option. Last time we had heat, we drove to an outdoor town that was known for having cooler temps. That worked too. Going to a giant store, we still bought stuff.

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