What I Learned – 06/24/2017

Today I learned about little boy gas, weedwacker fuel and Rise Against’s new album.

Little Boy Gas – Today, on the way to get some lunch, my son starts grabbing his stomach and saying, “Oh no! Daddy! My tummy hurts. I need to go to the doctors.” I’m trying not to feed any anxiety or inflate the situation. “Are you sure buddy? Are you hungry? Do you need to use the bathroom?”

“No, daddy. It really hurts.” He starts to settle down and he doesn’t bring it up again.

We get to our destination and we are standing in line. “Owe! Daddy! I need to sit down. My tummy really hurts.”

“I’m sorry buddy. Hang in there.” I wait alittle bit and then I get a whiff……… (Beano) Application – Where I mostly thing that tummy issues are related to constipation or sickness, I need to add “gas” to my list of known issues for my son. This is a good reminder that gas is painful. My wife and I were lucky with our son. He wasn’t colicky. The new baby could be and gas is painful and a possible source for colic (Little Remedies Infants and Children Tummy Relief Drops).

Weedwacker fuel (Briggs & Stratton 2-Cycle Oil) – When I first got my weedwacker (BLACK+DECKER Trimmer), I had my father in law there to help mix the fuel and oil for the two-stroke motor. That was almost two years ago. This year I had to mix some new fuel. I starred at the oil bottle and attempted to make sense of it. I gave it my best shot and I didn’t have a problem while using it. Application – I guess I guessed right….? We will see how things play out, but the instruction for mixing were on the bottle.

Rise Against’s new album (Wolves) – Rise Against released a new album at the beginning of June. The album didn’t strike me as “new” or “different” from most of their other albums. I finally listened to the whole album at loud volume on the drive home yesterday. It’s not a “blow your socks off” album like “The Sufferer and the Witness,” but it’s a really good album. Even single song is solid. There are no “different” sounding songs  that are diversions from their core sound. There was a slight up tick in profanity and screaming. I still really like it. Application – Continue to proclaim the wonder that Rise Against is. “House on Fire” is a great love song and “Far from Perfect” is a nice pump-you-up song.


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