What I Learned – 06/23/2017

Today I learned about Uber eats and how to make oat flour.

Uber eats – I’ve heard about Uber eats and even know a driver. I used to work with her at a previous job. She often brags on social media about how much money she is making and encourages others to follow her lead. My car was blocked in at work; so I stated to consider my options for food delivery. I pulled up Uber eats because Jimmy John’s cost me $17 when I ordered and really screwed up my boss’s sandwich another time. I found that there are many Asian, and especially Thai, foods available. McDonald’s was on there too! Weird. Application – I didn’t feel like Thai food today, but I now know it is available to be delivered. It might come in handy during the winter months when a nice bowl of Pho might brighten a day.

Oat flour – I was grocery shopping last night and my wife had put down “oat flour” on the grocery list (Bob’s Red Mill Whole Grain Oat Flour). I couldn’t find it in the baking aisle or in the bulk section. I did a search on my phone for “oat flour” and many articles about “how to make oat flour cheap” come up. I opened one up and found out that it is easy to make! To make oat flour, you take plain rolled oats and process them. By “process” I mean run though a food processer (Hamilton Beach Food Processor) or a Magic Bullet Blender like my wife and I have. You run the rolled oats until they are the consistency of flour. Voilà! Oat flour! The measurement is suppose to be one for one, meaning: One cup of rolled oats should equal one cup of oat flour. Application – I told my wife how to make the oat flour and I’m getting cookies tonight! The Forks Over Knives Plan


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