What I Learned – 06/22/2017

I think this blog is going to turn more toward random things I’ve learned and how they apply to me and my life. I will begin a new blog shortly that centers on my career. Watch for links to that!

Blogs – I’ve learned that you a niche to be successful. Think about it…. What drives people to care to seek out what you have to say? I think my life is active and interesting, but that doesn’t mean other will take the time to seek out my thoughts. Applied – I’m going to start a second blog that will be geared toward my career on the finance side of a used car lot. I’m going to start out of the gate spending money to secure the stuff I will need to successful.

Sick Kids – My son refuses to lay down! He is a diehard and his voice is all squeaky. My wife and I are doing the things we need to do for him to get well (Hyland’s 4 Kids Cold and Cough, Vicks Warm Mist Humidifier, Vicks VapoRub, Aura Cacia Aromatherapy Shower Tablets), but he will not stop running. Applied – Invest in child restraints…….lol. Seriously. Children do not have the capability of the knowledge to make the best choice for their own health. I do like to take the time to explain why we are choosing things for him though. Last night, I decided to sleep on the couch and he could sleep in my bed with my wife. He wanted to sleep in the couch with me. I felt bad, but I knew that the best choice was for him and I to sleep in places where we would get the maximum amount of rest we could get. I think my reasoning fell on deaf ears.

Qdoba tacos – 3 tacos from Qdoba (Qdoba Gift Cards) is enough. As I have blogged, my wife and I are on Forks over Knives whole-food, plant-based diet (The Forks Over Knives Plan). But we are doing it with occasional lean proteins. I got the Qdoba tacos today (with no cheese) and they were satisfying. $9.90 after tax is a little better than the $8.80 I pay for 4 street tacos that are bland. Applied – I might venture down the road further to the Qdoba more frequently. What’s up with their rewards program? I have noticed that failing businesses do not push their rewards program. Just and observation.


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