Wubbie taco storm – 06/30/2017

Honestly, I have no idea what goes through people’s minds. Where I am constantly trying to figure out how to get ahead for my family, others seem to be waiting for something to happen. Tragedy? Salvation? What? Wubbie – Since my son was born, he has always had one particular “stuffed animal.” It’s not even […]

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Bulky coffee blogger

With increasing heat, I’ve had to change up my beverage regiment. Also, I have chosen to selectively sacrifice entertainment and sleep to devote more time to generating content. Buying in bulk – If you are like me, you occasionally grab a one of those giant cans of tea at gas stations that cost about a […]

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What I Learned – 06/24/2017

Today I learned about little boy gas, weedwacker fuel and Rise Against’s new album. Little Boy Gas – Today, on the way to get some lunch, my son starts grabbing his stomach and saying, “Oh no! Daddy! My tummy hurts. I need to go to the doctors.” I’m trying not to feed any anxiety or […]

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